Sunday, September 19, 2004

i totally have no time to update my blog man.. Well, finally i have a day of rest(sun).. Been so busy with school and trainings... hardly have time and anything to write about since i'm doing the same thing every single day.. school & training... boo..

Ok, somethings had been bothering me... Exams and regatta.... My exams are drawing near.. both Poly and Olvls... i don't know how i will cope and i really hope i can score well for my papers.. sigh.. sadly i'm skipping alot of lectures and received alot of warning and debarment letters... i don't really care man... if i don't like the lecture.. i won't go for the lecture.. simple as that...oh wellz.... On the other hand, i'm getting really nervous and excited about nov's regatta race.... been having alot of dreams lately about not being able to row in the race...almost teared in my dreams.. sighs.. guess that is my wake up call... whatever it is.. i will give out my best and i hope the rest of my other teammates will too... as we work together and train hard together for this coming race.....

kk.. later gonna meet up with leslie and duane to study at greatworld... till my next entry! (maybe months.. haha)

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Monday, August 30, 2004

It's been ages since i updated my blog. Been too lazy to do so. so oh well... Yesterday i was at Henry's chalet, played mahjong until i lost ++ but i shan't complain since treddy lost . poor guy man...Well, stayed awake the whole night and listening to my seniors talk cock and joking around as usual.. guess it was really the first time i got to hang around with them considering the fact that i wasn't really close to them when they were still in ngee ann. Now they are already in army..... Time really flies man.. Anyway, just returned home from gen hong's 18th birthday party... haha..spent time talking cock and joking around.. damn im so gonna miss him.. he's flying off back to india for this university this friday...Oh wellss... i'm getting injured everywhere.. i sorta injured my thumb from rowing and my right shoulder from god knows what... Sighss.. i'm just so injury prone...okok i shall go watch the Last Samurai now..

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Friday, August 20, 2004

Hmm, common test next week and i only covered maths.. still have 3 more modules to cover and it's already thurs.. left with 3 more days.. so screwed.

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Picture of the Week

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*Basic Theory
*Driving License
*Honda Civic (-DREAM-)
*Acoustic Guitar
*Classical Guitar
*Classical strings
*New Bass Guitar
*Bass Amplifier
*U2 Tight Fit Tees
*NB Track Shoes
*Billiard Cue
*New Wallet
*$4000 For All of Above
(excluding Honda Civic)